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Maldives - what to pack

​You're  off on your amazing holiday to the gorgeous Addu Atoll in the Maldives. the pearl beyond equator , the only atoll which looks like a heart in its formation, Maldives is one of those place you don’t need to overpack for. The vibe is very laidback. though it is a 100% Muslim country.


So What should I pack?


1) Plug adaptors.


Adapters for your electronics – Maldives uses UK type sockets. If your electronic devices use any other type you would need an adapter, some people call it electronic plug or multi-plug. A travel adapter would be perfect.


2) Dress conservatively.

The Maldives is a Muslim country where a lot of women will wear either a burka or a headscarf. It’s polite and respectful to dress conservatively. This is important. Even though you are contributing to the countries economy it doesn’t mean you can do as you please without respecting the culture.

Make sure you pack a large scarf that can be worn over your shoulders or to cover your head when you do the mosque tour. Also pack loose, light trousers or a long skirt or dress.


3) Bring a Go Pro or Underwater camera.

If you’ve been thinking about investing in an underwater camera or a Go Pro but weren’t sure if it was worth it, it really is for the Maldives. The water is so crystal clear  and there are so many colorful fish, you really won’t want to miss the chance to capture these on camera. You’ll also want it for boat trips or when you’re on the beach. the underwater garden and its beauty is a natures wonder. Recommended to bring a red filter to if your snorkeling or diving it will make all the colours look nice and natural. Also could be worthwhile to bring an underwater case for your phone.


5) Dry Bag.

If you’re taking lots of boat trips and particularly if you’ll be scuba diving and snorkeling a dry bag is really handy. You can keep all of your valuables and clothing safe and dry and not worry about them getting wet on the boat or during rainstorms.


6) Remember insect repellent.

Mosquitoes weren’t too much of a problem. But at dusk wear long pants to cover  ankles so these pesky critters can’t bite 


7) Reef shoes.

A pair of reef shoes keep your feet protected from broken shell, cutting coral and feisty fish, and stop you from slipping.


8) Sunglasses.


9) Sunscreen.

Sun is strong in the Maldives, without creams your skin could get sun burnt. I would recommend factor 50. You may not feel sun is so powerful, especially if there is a cooling breeze like in many cases in the Maldives islands.


10) Rehydration Satchets.

The Maldives gets around 10 hrs of sunshine a day and the average temperature is 29°C. The islands are near the equator, meaning the sun’s rays are much more intense than in the northern or southern hemisphere. So not only is it important not only to cover up properly with the right clothes and good-quality sun protection, it’s important to pack in case of heat exhaustion too.

What you need to know:

A pack of oral rehydration sachets is a must for your Maldives’ packing list. They come in powder form and in a variety of flavours and work by replacing the important salts and minerals that you may have lost through prolonged exposure to the sun.

Drink plenty of water too.


*****In case you’ll forget any essential item, like a shampoo or a hair conditioner there are shops on the island where you can buy all the necessary things.

  1. Alcohol – It is advised not to buy any alcohol from the duty-free as it will be confiscated upon entering the country. Beer/wine and spirits are always available in the resorts.

  2. Pork and its by-products.

  3. Hair dryer etc. – it will be provided by the hotel.

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