The Maldives is an  archipelago in the Indian Ocean. It is located southwest of India and Sri Lanka in the Laccadive Sea. The chain of twenty one atolls stretches from Ihavandhippolhu Atoll to the Addu Atoll. The capital and largest city is Malé. 

Historically linked with the Indian subcontinent, the Maldives is a Muslim-majority country. From the mid-sixteenth century, it was dominated by colonial powers: Portugal, the Netherlands and Britain. The islands gained independence from the British Empire in 1965, becoming a republic in 1968. It is ruled by a president and its government is authoritian. The Maldivian economy is dominated by tourism and fishing. The country is classified as an upper middle income economy by the World Bank.


Addu Atoll ( Addu City )

The deep and rich colours of the Maldives, yours to behold. City escapades, romantic journeys. 
Exotic days and elegant evenings. Special occasions made extraordinary. Celebrate
your tropical love affair. Discover ADDU  and the unique natural environment of the Maldives.

The Heart-shaped Atoll, lies in the southernmost tip of the Maldives and is home to some of the most diverse natural habitats in the country. Turquoise crystal clear waters,coral reefs with its large islands, unique geography, flourishing population and long history and culture, Addu stands out as a destination that seamlessly marries nature with development. Addu represents a community evolved to embrace the future with imagination and pride.