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Kaikoura Adventure Retreat / Package

KAIKOURA 3 Nights 4 Days

Yoga Breathing and Mindfulness

Reconnect with yourself

Our retreats /packages will leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed and energised. Take in the beautiful surroundings of Kaikoura, where the mountains meet the sea. Stay in comfortable, relaxed accommodation and create lasting memories. ...learn easy yoga asanas and breathing techniques....suitable for beginners.
Our packages are all inclusive.


Leave your normal daily life behind and give yourself some time to reflect, become present and honour YOU by giving time for YOU. Enjoy our Mindfulness Retreat and have lots of fun with like minded people at our Winter Escape Retreat Package in Kaikoura. Stay in Kaikoura, at one of our lovely locations and enjoy rugged snow capped mountain views and spectacular sea views.
Leave all the things "TO DO" at home or work and come away on a short break to our gorgeous seaside village. Indulge in just BEING and ENJOY the things you love and never seem have the time to do. Our packages are all inclusive, we take care of all the details, so you are able to immerse yourself in the nature that surrounds you and soak up what Kaikoura Adventure Package has on offer.

Heli Picnic Adventure

You will be whisked away on an exhilarating Helicopter Tour.

Lifting off from Kaikoura Airport, enjoy the breathtaking scenery as we fly over the Kaikoura Peninsula. Witness the impressive force of mother nature after the 7.8 quake in Nov 2016, as we fly up the north coast of Kaikoura. Learn about the geological and environmental changes to the town and coastline from your pilot as they share their firsthand knowledge of the rebuild after the 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake. Keep an eye out along the way for some Kaikoura local wildlife including the critically endangered Hector Dolphin, Dusky dolphin and NZ fur seal. Landing on the Seaward Kaikoura Mountain Ranges makes for a breathtaking 360 degree views. The ideal backdrop to indulge in a private picnic, paired with a complimentary Debutante from the Kaikoura boutique vineyard, Esse’s Wines or a cold brew from our friends at the Kaikoura Emporium. Enjoy in your own time, before hopping back into helicopter for your return flight back to the Kaikoura Airport to complete the experience. ---- This unique flight really has it all. Experience the excitement of a helicopter flight over beautiful surroundings. Meet the locals and gain an insight into the history of Kaikoura and enjoy the best local food & beverage delights Kaikoura has to offer. Re-awaken your mind and body, relax and come away energised after practising simple yoga asanas and breathe coaching.


Seal Kayak Kaikoura


Seal Kayak Kaikoura is the first kayak tour of its kind in New Zealand that allows you to either pedal or paddle.

You’re going to love how easy it is to kayak in and around the beautiful Kaikoura Peninsula using the Hobie Mirage Drive Pedal. We have a 100% success rate of viewing the New Zealand Fur Seal.

There is also a lot of other marine life to view such as the blue penguin, albatross, and plenty more. Come capture the moments of the fun and friendly fur seals playing around and under your hands-free pedal kayak.







Peninsula Walk

Walk along the Peninsula, it is home to seals, sea birds, and keep your eyes peeled for dolphins and other marine life,

if your lucky enough to be in the right spot at the right time you may see something!!

Explore whaling and historical pa sites.

Enjoy magical cliff top views of the sea in front of you and the mountain ranges, sprinkled with snow in the winter months making an impressive backdrop behind you.

An amazing  collection of information boards along the walkway explain the geology, the rich history, animals, plants and all about the Kaikoura Canyon. The whole walk takes 3 hours but you can do a shorter walk, tailor it to your requirements. 

Kaikoura Seafood BBQ

A superb array of seafood is available at the infamous Kaikoura Seafood BBQ,

Dine right beside Jimmy Armers Beach and it’s on your way back from the Peninsula walk. A must do foodie experience whilst in Kaikoura.

Did you know KAI means food and KOURA means crayfish!
















Day One

  • 1 Hour Yoga (morning)

  • 45 min Breath Coaching    

  • 1 Hour Lunch Break  Lunch provided and snacks and water

  • 1 Hour Mindfulness Activities

  • Free to explore our unique shops, art at the container mall and scrumptious food from the cafes and restaurants.

  • Evening meal at a restaurant of your choosing ( not included in price /package )


Day Two        

  • 1 Hour Gentle Yoga

  • 15 min Meditation

Day Three

Day Four






















Make your way home, we trust you enjoyed your experience and would love to see you again soon….



1 Hour Daily Yoga 

Heli Picnic Flight

Peddle Kayaks

Fishing half day

Sues Walking Tour



You book own accommodation



Kaikoura is a coastal town on the South Island of New Zealand. It’s known for its abundant wildlife and its sperm whale population. The Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway winds from the town centre to lookout points at Point Kean. Close by, the rock platforms are home to a colony of New Zealand fur seals. The 1800s Fyffe House is a cottage built on a foundation of whalebones, with displays on the town’s whaling past.

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